Can A Society Based On Hate Survive?

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141157 Mrs. Jefferson English 12 7 December 2014 Can a Society Based on Hate Survive? A society that is run by hate can cause total chaos and destruction within its society causing its people to be untrusting of the government and also question its power and authority due to a belief of a conspiracy of the government. This so called hatred that exists in society consumes it people with remorse and anger against this totalitarian, corrupt government that seeks power and control over its people and society, which can cause a major revolt of its society against the government to try to seek the truth and their individual rights. In the classic novel, “1984”, written by George Orwell, he writes about a society in the city of London, called Oceania, in which Big Brother is in control of the society in every aspect of the people’s lives. Some examples of the governments power over society is the ideology of thought crimes, the creation of Newspeak, and telescreens that watch over and invade the privacy of their people. A society that is based on hate cannot survive and support its society because a society must depend upon happiness and its people in order to survive so it can achieve true happiness and tranquility. The Society of Oceania is ruled by a totalitarian power hunger all-knowing government that seeks power and control over its people and society by a figure known as Big Brother. The poster of Big Brother is a so called figure head of the government that installs fear

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