Can A United Nation 's Standing Army Be Justified?

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Good Morning. My name is Laerke Lorwa. My research question is, “Can a United Nation’s standing army be justified?” My perspective is in a political sense.
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According to, the United Nations is an international organization formed to promote international peace, security, and cooperation. A standing army is a permanently organized military force maintained by a nation. Now the United Nations isn 't just one nation, it is several nations and territories combined to make important decisions about human rights, social progress, and corrupt governments. The UN has a set of guidelines called the Charter of the United Nations. This charter gives the countries a set of rights and rules to follow to achieve a goal. The Charter has to be signed and accepted by each country when they join the United Nations.
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The United Nations was founded in 1945 during World War II. World leaders wanted an end to this treacherous war and needed something to promote peace and to stop future wars. So country leaders gathered to form today’s United Nations. In the beginning there were 192 countries that joined the United Nations. No country was ever expelled from membership, although Indonesia temporarily quit. The UN’s goal is to establish world peace and protect human rights with peace treaties and declarations. Over the years the United Nations has assisted over millions of refugees from war countries or counties with corrupt governments.
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