Can Abortion Ever Be Justified?

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Religion fuels much of the intensity of the abortion debate. Modern government is purposefully separated from religion. In the Western world, the teachings of any one religion shouldn¡¦t and don¡¦t dominate the laws of a nation. However the morals and beliefs of the people are what establishes the morals and beliefs of a government. And the abortion debate is not just one of religious attributes, it is one of morality, legality, political and scientific concerns too. And it does not just concern the black and white debate of wrong and right, this at least is commonly agreed upon although many sides use many different types of argument to proves their points. Morals are dictated by the beliefs and feelings of society. Society today views …show more content…
In 1990 there was an abortion every 3 seconds (5), and this statistic is probably much higher today. Also over 1/3 of women in Great Britain have had an abortion by the age of 45. However it is the general consensus that abortion statistics should not be generalized, as it is circumstances that determine the justification of abortions. The key issues and questions surrounding abortions vary depending on the group or individual. Many religious denominations feel that what separates killing a human or animal from killing a vegetable is not life, but the ability to think and feel pain. Due to this, key issues are; When can a foetus feel pain? and When can it think? As well as the obvious When is a foetus a human?

The dictionary definition of abortion is ¡¥the premature termination of pregnancy by spontaneous or induced expulsion of a nonviable foetus from the womb.¡¦(6).The problem many have with this is that it is impossible to say when the foetus becomes viable, that is to say, when it will survive ex utero. In November 1997 a baby survived being born by caesarean section it the 20th week of pregnancy. Before this it was thought no baby could survive any earlier than 26 weeks. Clinically, a foetus is a human once it can survive independently, ex utero. The development of a foetus (see appendices 1 and 2) shows that by 24 weeks that foetus has the form and full skeleton of a baby, its eyes are open, its heart
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