Can Anarchy Work? Essay

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Can Anarchy Work?

Anarchy: a theory that regards the absence of all direct or coercive government as a political ideal and that proposes the cooperative and voluntary association of individuals and groups as the principal mode of organized society (Dictionary). The question I pose is, will and can anarchy ever work in our world? Dreams of a utopia linger under our breath, as if they were dirty secrets waiting to be told. A dream that people can live cooperatively with a less coercive government. While this seems impossible now, anarchy could benefit our earth and the citizens living here.
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We are all given choices that are unquestionable, and one can choose to be great or fail miserably. In this game of life, anarchy relies on our ability to cooperate with one another instead of being forced into institutions, which may be beneficial or not.
There are few people that will stand up for what they believe in, but most don't even know what they want or need. Currently, "Fifty percent of the population is below average in intelligence"(Anarchy), states Charles Murray at a recent Libertarian convention. As people are becoming more uneducated we are doing nothing to fix this. We still pay taxes and give politicians raises, without fixing healthcare, roads or the education system. This problem could lead to hindering anarchism in the future as an alternative institutional system.
When talking of intelligence, Murray later states that there is a "…relationship between social behavior and IQ." This is true and present in the world today. The power-elite are ruling us, while the ignorant could do a "better" job, without abusing power. Yet, the uneducated choose weapons to speak for them, instead of a cookie-cutter anarchist
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