Can Anyone Imagine the World without Communication

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Can anyone imagine the world without communication? For the most of the people communication is something that comes naturally and binds them together so they can live, work, share ideas together or create something that is unique and priceless. Today life is impossible without communication, and we should be concentrated to make communication more efficient and more natural. We are living in a world full of diversity and we must find a formula how to lower the communication barrier that is present. It is important for us is to understand that communication can mean everything and it’s not restricted to the use of our language only. This essay will try to discuss how communication can be affected if people misinterpret the meaning, and also how non-verbal and intercultural communication can engage developing impressions that we make on other people. Perhaps the most important and difficult to explain is the meaning and effectiveness of intercultural communication. For example, Archee et all., (2013) argue that intercultural communication is related to the meaning or how individuals or a group of people can create meaning from the world around them. Other authors on the other hand, examine the importance of intercultural effectiveness (Hammer et all., 1978). For example, Gardner (1962 as cited in Hammer et all., 1978, p.382) argues that intercultural communication can be effective if there is universal communicator. According to Gardner (1962) he states that communicator must

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