Can Babies Learn With The Womb?

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Thanks to the increase in technological innovations, the life in the womb is not as mysterious as it used to be. Scientists are able to gain a glimpse of the formation of life and the struggles it entails. Despite this view one question has not yet been answered is “Can babies learn while in the womb?” Some scientists have been able to derive that newborns process vocal information in the real world through their prenatal exposure to their mother’s voice or other speech patterns. However, this is not indicative of the more general mechanisms of learning. That is why scientists Schaal and Marlier decided to test another aspect of learning by asking the specific question “Are babies able to acquire and store information from olfactory cues obtained in the womb?”
Design and Method
Schaal and Marlier took advantage of the widespread use of the anise flavor in their Alsatian community, and of the fact that it is so strong babies are able to smell it immediately after birth by making it the most important variable in their experiment. They separated 24 babies into two groups of 12 by their mothers’ habitual intake of anise flavored food. The infants were selected based on the presence of no medical complications during pregnancy and birth.
15 days before their delivery one group of mothers were given commercially available anise flavored food like; cookies, and syrup without changing or controlling how much of it they ingested. They kept a record of what they took and…
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