Can Banana Value Chain Help Eliminate Hunger in Uganda and Tanzania?

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In this study we assess the potential role that the banana value chain can play in reducing poverty and eliminating hunger among rural and urban poor in Uganda and Tanzania. We provide a comprehensive analysis of banana consumption and productivity in the two countries and we scope the challenges and opportunities for providing more efficient and enhanced production and marketing focusing on smallholder enterprises along the commodity value chain.

To undertake this study we extensively reviewed published data and grey literature from national programs across the EAC and international sources to establish the best available information on supply and demand for bananas. But in view of the limited and unreliable nature of available data we undertook an extensive structured survey across the region involving producers, food vendors, traders (retailers, wholesalers), exporters/importers, consumers, institutional buyers, and key informants on banana productivity in order to better inform this study; together with an Experts’ workshop with representation from across the banana value chain.

Using these techniques we captured information on key variables such as varieties grown by different farmer categories, volumes produced, volumes consumed at home, main markets, volumes sold, cost of production, crop management practices, challenges faced by banana farmers, and information on demographics and consumer preferences – varieties bought by different consumers and reasons why,…

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