Can Blind People See?

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Can blind people see? Is there a possible solution for people with physical and sensitive disabilities to walk without sticks, read any text and improve their quality of life? Can they feel the world in a better way? Ramiro Velazquez (2010) composed a research on the “Wearable Assistive Devices for the Blind” that presents different solutions of their problem. Citing Ramiro Velasquez (2010), he states: “Globally, an estimated 40 to 45 million people are totally blind, 135 million have low vision and 314 million have some kind of visual impairment… It is estimated that by the year 2020, all blind-related numbers will double” (Velasquez, 2010, “Target Population,” para. 2). In addition, the number of blind people increases every year. For the last century, visually impaired people’s abilities were really limited, and our main goal is to make their perception of the world better, so they could be more productive and have richer life. However, the main issue relates to health and science security: not everybody can cover high costs of the health service. Therefore, the development of wearable technology is essential, because the blind become more proficient with devices such as special belts and vests, head-mounted assistance devices and assistive wrist’s devices. Basically, the article highlights the importance of wearable assistive devices, which actually present the symbiosis between health and technology in order to impact blind people’s lives. Historically, blindness leads
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