Can Democracy Remedy Africa 's Problem? Essay

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Can democracy remedy Africa 's Problem?
Democracy the representation of people by leaders they elect to bring their problems for solving or politics by discussion. What does this mean? This is a preamble that pushes for people to be awake and bring out legislation that will favour them. The title then asks, can democracy remedy Africa 's problems? No. Why do I say no it’s because before we bring a theory not born of Africa to solve our problems we end up facing a fragmentation of knowledge.
On one hand, the fracture of learning identifies with the hostility between the endogenous intelligence and encounter and the information acquired from the pilgrim past. Then again, it identifies with the separate effect of religions (specifically Christianity, Islam and animism) on the ideological estimations of improvement. These diverse types of fracture have brought extraordinary ideological disparity and an absence of social roots.
The ideological divergences between the African pioneers were especially affirmed amid the East-West encounter, spinning around liberal and Marxist belief systems. The end of socialism significantly constrained the degree of this fracture without, notwithstanding, disposing of it. The divergences between African political figures now show up in two ways: the fight for authority, both in the locale and with pilgrim powers, and the topic of majority rules system and the way of regular citizen or military administrations. These disagreements were constantly
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