Can Domestic Violence Abusers Be Rehabilitated?

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Brushing your teeth Tying your shoes Folding a shirt Solving a math problem mentally The tasks listed above take ten seconds or less and they have something in common with domestic violence. According to Domestic Violence Statistics, every nine seconds in the US there is a woman being assaulted or beaten. While a person is folding a shirt there is a woman being assaulted or beaten but that is not the main point in this paper. The main point of this paper is to ask if domestic violence abusers can be rehabilitated or is a question that has an automatic answer to it. Can a person be rehabilitated off of something that it takes them nine seconds to do? When some people are asked this question they automatically say the answer is not…show more content…
Dr. Kathleen Young also talks about how domestic violence tends to follow this predictable cycle and one part of the cycle is called the honeymoon period. The honeymoon period is described as this period where the abusive partner tries to seduce or woo their victim into continuing the relationship and Dr. Kathleen also explains that abuser can even act as if abuse did not place. Dr. Kathleen Young states that with her 20 plus years of experience that she believes that people can change but when it comes to deeply engrained patterns like domestic violence, time is required and it requires professional help. The Stop Relationship Abuse Organization states that batters will not change until they recognize that they have a problem and change is something that will never happen as long as they continue to blame the victim. The victim of domestic violence is not the blame for their abuser putting their hands on them or abusing them. The Stop Relationship Abuse Organization also states participation in a batter’s program does not guarantee that a batter will not be violent again. Domestic violence is a learned behavior and can be unlearned if abusers take responsibility and accountability for the violence committed. People who abuse have learned this behavior and it

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