Can Ethical Values be Incorporated Into an Organization’s Culture?

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Decisions are made every day in the workplace that may have ethical implications. It is important to conduct business in an ethical way because those decisions may have an impact on their companies, employees, shareholders, customers, and possibly on society. As organizations integrate ethical values into their corporate culture, they will have an engaged workforce that will have higher morale, higher employee retention, and higher production. “American Management Association (AMA) executive members completed an online corporate values survey. Ethics and integrity were listed among 76% of the respondents’ company corporate values and 72% said that they were practiced most or all of the time. Yet respondents had seen unethical…show more content…
There are conflicts people have between "just getting the job done" and the potential of attaining ones full potential. Today, in a time of economic downturns and higher unemployment, corporations are expecting their workforce to do more with less. Failure to take into account the impact of the pressure that conflicting beliefs and values have on employees can undermine the tremendous efforts so many American companies and their employees are making to improve their performance. Creative Workplace Communities A good employee will remain productive only if the employee is engaged and his leader develops his talents. Companies need to make sure that they focus their efforts in the long-term effects of how their employees feel about their work, their co-workers, and their leaders. It is not written anywhere that you should like everything about your job and to be good at every task, but companies should create creative environments that focus on employee engagement. Leaders should allow their people the opportunity to be innovative as they seek career development and job satisfaction. Once employees are engaged and retained, they will focus on what they can give to an organization, instead of think about what they can get from the

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