Can Failure Make You Stronger

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Many people have experienced failure at least once in their lifetime. It has been said that failure can make you stronger. I believe that failure can lead to success because it's a learning experience that you will never forget.

Failure can teach you to be determined by trying harder the next time. When you fail a test, you tend to practice and study more. When you make up the test after you have reviewed your mistakes, you will be better educated and get the answers correct. Another thing you can do is to ask for help when you don't understand something. It's better to ask questions now, then to wait until you get home and don't know what your doing. Just like when you don't make tryouts for a sport, you can train harder and come …show more content…

At the age of twenty-two, Walt was fired from a newspaper company for "not being creative enough". This didn't stop him from trying. Another failure came when him, being a self taught artist, opened up his first business called "Laugh-o-Gram". Unfortunately, the company went bankrupt during the first 6 months it had opened. This was another failure for Walt Disney. After the company was closed down, he began his hunt for a new job. In total, Walt was turned down 302 times before he decided to leave for California with only $40 in his pocket. Later on, through those failures was when he created Walt Disney World.

Just like Walt Disney, our failures can make us stronger. When you experience failure once, it makes you stronger emotionally for the next time because it doesn't effect you as much as it did the first time you experienced it. It can also be a learning experience too because it teaches you what to do and what not to do in life. Learning from your mistakes is one of the most valuable lessons you can ever learn.

I believe that failure can lead to success because it's a learning experience many people will never forget. Whether you failed a test, or didn't make the cut for tryouts, your failures will always teach you a valuable lesson. If Walt Disney failed and learned from it, you can

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