Can Failure Leads For Success? ' Praise Of The F Word By Mary Sherry

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Can failure leads to success? In Praise Of The F Word by Mary Sherry, she argues that flunking students will motivate students to do better in school. The idea that flunking students will help one success in school is a categorical false. Although some advocates might argue that flunking does encourage students to do better in school. These silly dreamers are too dogmatic in their ideology. The three examples that exemplify that fluking does not help the students ' success are cheating, drop out of school, and depression.
Flunking students can make one cheat in school. Cheating happens a lot in school because most don’t get caught therefore, students don’t understand the consequences of cheating. According to Sherry, “Passing students who have not mastered the work, cheats them and the employers who expect graduates to have basic skills” (Sherry). Most employers expect graduates students to know the basic skills, but yet some don’t. Overall failure does not help students ' success in life. For example, I have witnessed my classmate cheat in math class. Some students blame that it’s hard to understand the teacher’s teaching skill therefore one needs to cheat. The point is many students does not take the initial to go to tutor. Cheating has bothered me, especially when one tried to study and the other don’t but still pass the class. In multiple test, a classmate who sat next to me always used one’s phone to google the answer or stared at my answer. Throughout the test, I

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