Can Globalization Be Made For The Poor?

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Can globalization be made to work better for the poor? Discuss with reference to at least one country in the developing world.

Globalization is not a new concept. It is just advancing faster now a days, faster than ever before but it has been around hundreds or some may argue thousands of years ago. It has never had any single meaning nor had it has any definition without disagreement. It has always have different meaning to different people. Globalization is such an issue which is unavoidable but hard to specify. It has its triumphs on poverty to a great extent for the last few decades. But still there are scope to work better for the poor. This essay attempts to discuss how globalization can work better for the poor. To do
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Despite number of analytical work, publication on globalization the subject remain unspecifiable or rather should say ill-defined regarding concept, history, and economic, cultural and political involvement (Scholte 2005). Yet theorists, researchers try to describe the term or the phenomena as simply as possible. There are two ways the word “globalization” can be used again adding more to the confusion. It can be used in a positive way describing a process into the global economy and another in a systematic way prescribing a know-how of progress founded on rapid integration with the global economy. Trade, investment and finance at the international level are the three economic expositions of the phenomenon. It is about development of economic activities not within but beyond national borders. It can simply be described as a process which has association with growing free economy, interdependency based on economy and thickening economic integration in the world economy. (Nayyar 2006).
"This vague phrase expresses a poorly understood but widespread feeling that the very nature of world politics is changing (Keohane & Nye Jr. 2000:104). “Globalization” as a buzzword of 1990s is new comparing to “interdependence” a buzzword that emerged in 1970s though the phenomenon it refers to is not totally new. Interdependence is a state of concern it can increase and also it can decrease. And globalization assumes “something” increasing and that
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