Can Having your First Job as a Teenager Really Change your Life?

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“Playing college basketball requires a lot of hard-work. Having the opportunity to play college basketball isn’t given to you in your hands; it’s given to you by your performance on the court” says Sue Wicks, a WNBA Hall-Of-Fame from the New York Liberty. As a member of my high school girls’ varsity basketball team, this quote truly inspired me because I wanted to become just like her; playing college basketball after high school, volunteering my time working with kids and being inducted into the Hall of Fame. I had the opportunity to work with her at the Generation Fitness Center in the Newark Museum. Without having my first job at the Newark Museum, I would have never met Sue Wicks nor had one the best moments of my life. The best…show more content…
In the World Birding Series Event, my team and I spent the entire day searching for birds, identifying their species, and recording the groups they belong to. This program was fulfilling because not only did the team and I identified fifty-seven birds in New Jersey but I was able to learn how to work closely with my work colleagues. In the Maker Faire Trip at the New York Hall of Science, I was able to learn how an engineer collaborates with other engineers to create their own market ecosystem and the steps involved in making new technologies such as the Arduino microcontroller and the personal 3D printing. In the Bodies: Pulse Exhibit in New York, I was introduced to anatomy by learning about the human body, its function, and how the body copes with fast-food industry and the high-demand of technology during the 21st century. Through these trips, I stepped into the life of bird-watcher, an engineer, and a critical examiner of human anatomy. These trips offered me an insight of wanting to become a Nurse Anesthetist as one of my career plans in the future. The idea of independence allowed me to choose nursing as one of my career occupation because I want to transform from being a teenage intern to an adult nurse. Through my work experience and the several
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