Can Machines Think Or Not?

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Can Machines Think? For years there has been much debate on whether or not machines can think, but there is little understanding of the importance of figuring out the answer. While it is imperative to know the cognitive abilities and powers of computers, there is much more in depth reasoning. As these machines play a vital role in our everyday lives, we are becoming more and more dependent on them. Throughout this essay, I would like to present my argument as to whether or not I think machines are able to think. Although a thinking machine does not exist yet and we cannot prove that one will ever be created, I would like to argue that I do not think a machine that obtains consciousness and thinking abilities could ever exist. I would like to start this by including characteristics of thinking machines, and then later defining what it means to me a machine and what it means to be human. Following this, I include a test of intelligence for machines if one is ever in existence, and later I mention what the criteria for intelligence is. Along with this, I include many arguments held by philosophers and I support my opinions with credible objections. I conclude that while I do believe that machines will never be able to think, with evolution it is possible for them to acquire certain characteristics similar to those held by humans. According to Alan Turing in the W. Mays article, “Can Machines Think?” it is not only interesting, but it may be necessary to test the…
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