Can Men Be Good Single Parents? Essay

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Can Men Be Good Single Parents? Arvind Naik (name changed) lost his wife when their daughter was barely a few months old. “It was overwhelming, the first few days. Then one day she looked at me and smiled for no reason. I was totally crushed. It has been seven years now and I cannot tell you how blessed I feel. My sister and I were raised by my mother. Our father was hardly ever around when we were kids. Now that I am a single parent, I realize how tough it must have been for her and how much she loved us. The only reason I wake up at 5 am every day is because I love my daughter more than I love my sleep,” he laughs, “I just wish my mom could have seen us and I could thank her for everything.” When it comes to children, there is a general acceptance that men are not as hands on as women. While there are exceptions, a 2015 report, 'State of the World 's Fathers '(#) says that even today women still spend between 2-10 times longer then men in unpaid care giving, including on their children. And there is no country where males share unpaid domestic and care work equally with females. Fathers do of course matter and it is beyond a doubt that a father 's involvement, positive or negative, or the lack of it, has a lifelong impact on the child. But what happens in situations when the father is the sole care giver? And how does it affect the children, and the father themselves? The situation obviously alters depending on the age of the child and the reason for the singleness.
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