Can Money Buy Happiness?

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Can Money Buy Happiness? Happiness is a positive emotion which all humans experience but which cannot be defined through a monetary value. Money is the symbol of greed and desire. It leads to overconsumption allowing for us the consumers to forcibly satisfy all of our desires in life instead of on spending our money on our needs and on the essential things in life that people need in order to survive and maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. Although some people may say that money can buy happiness, I believe this is false because it causes problems among families and married couples, it leads to the overconsumption on material items that people don’t necessary use or need, and it creates a false reality of happiness that causes people to overindulge and believe in the ideology of more items equals more happiness when in reality, less items creates more happiness.
The number one cause for why most married couple fight or get a divorce is money. In the article entitled “Till Debt Do Us Part” written by Mary Loftus, she explains that money is one of the major reasons why married couples fights and often get divorces. As she states in her article, “it’s pretty common to find out that the person you married has more debt and less income then you realize” (99). This suggests that one may not be aware of their partner’s financial issues; they must learn to communicate with each other about their combined finances and not blame one another if they ever go into debt. Basically…

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