Can Music Contribute to Anything Worth?

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Can music contribute to anything worth? Famous music composer, Ludwig van Beethoven once rightly quoted “Music is a higher revelation than philosophy”. Indeed, music has higher magnitude than just being a mere form of entertainment- it plays a significant role in our society be it politics or religion or even academics. So important is music’s value that it has been recorded throughout history of mankind in numerous ancient writings including the sacred Hindu scripture, Veda. Thus it is no surprise that even today the value and contribution of music has not declined but on the contrary, risen. Soul, blues, country, metallic, rap, jazz , pop or gospels you name it; you will always find a music that will make you…show more content…
“Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” by Pete Seeger became a popular anti-war protest song during the 1960s. This song did not only protest against the Vietnam War but also made their generation more aware about the global problems. Songs like “Not Ready to Make Nice” by Dixie chicks about freedom of speech was written after they received death threats for singing against the Iraq war, protests against the violation of human rights. But music is not only used to protest, it is also used to give hope and optimism. “We Shall Overcome”, a song sung by Guy Carawan together with the Montgomery Gospel Trio and the Nashville Quartet, is perhaps the best known example of civil rights song. Instead of blaming the government, this song registered a feeling of hope and faith among African-Americans during the civil rights movement. Music helps to conserve and promote the most prized possession of human civilization: religion, culture and tradition. Each community has its distinct music through which it can display its culture and tradition. For example though dāpā and gospels both are religious and devotional songs they introduce us to two distinctly different cultures. Dāpā is a religious Newari music that praises Nāsadya, the local god of music and dance. On the other hand, gospels are highly emotional evangelic vocal music that originated from the African-American Christian community in the
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