Can Natural Medicine or Non-Medicinal Therapies Treat Eating Disorders Effectively?

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Each requires a slightly different approach, yet there are effective alternate solutions for all three.
Anorexia is most effectively treated by nutrient therapy. Physical health is the top priority in anorexic patients because the disorder takes a large toll on the body. Critical conditions pushes care to a near-emergency level because the body can easily shutdown due to extreme weight-loss. Afterwards, programs such as behavioral modification can be later implemented to address the psychological symptoms.
Cognitive behavioral therapy had the best results for people with bulimia. In contrast to anorexia, psychological conditions are of most concern. Physical complications usually correct themselves once the mind is considered to be healthy again.
Obesity compiles the two approaches because it is an eating disorder that requires attention to both physical and psychological conditions. Behavioral therapy addresses both of these sides of obesity. Changes in behavior and lifestyle can make a large difference in the lives of patients.
It’s very intriguing how there is a trifecta of sorts between the three eating disorders observed. Anorexia focuses on the physical, bulimia focuses on the behavioral, and obesity addresses both strands of response. Each person with an eating disorder must have an individualized treatment plan, however the approaches listed…
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