Can Normal People be a Brave as Shane in "Shane" by Jack Schaefer?

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The novel Shane written by Jack Schaefer is a story of a mysterious stranger that walked into the Wyoming valley in late 1800’s. He was introduced into the life of Joe Starrett, an honest, hardworking Wyoming farmer. The stranger rarely speaks about himself except that his name is Shane. Even though Joe knows little about Shane, he invites Shane to stay at his place for a while. While Shane is staying with the Starrett family, he discovers Fletcher, a wealthy and greedy man, and understands he is trying to take hold of Joe’s and other homesteader’s land. He decides to stay with Joe and help him and the others. When Fletcher sees that Shane is a strong man, he sends a couple of guys to take down Shane, but Shane and Joe fight them off. …show more content…
But in doing so, the admirable man stands to expose himself to Stark, but the ever vigilant reminds Joe of his foremost obligation---family first. Additionally Shane honest is evident when he tells Bobby,” There is no going back from a killing” (113). Shane is confessing that he has killed in the past. His admittance shows he is believable and serves as a teacher to Bobby as to what not to do. At the end after Shane kills Wilson and Fletcher, Bobby tries to make him stay, but Shane says he must leave and also he says “A man is what he is, Bob, and there's no breaking the mold" (127). Shane’s acknowledgement that he had to kill two men illustrates he is a wise as well as compassionate man. Joe, another protagonist in this work of fiction is hospitable, friendly, and emotionally strong. For example, after the fight in the bar Marian has feelings for Shane. Marian helps dress Shane’s wound and Joe knows exactly what’s going on between them. In private Joe tells Marian, “Don't fret yourself, Marian. I'm man enough to know better when his trail meets mine”. (91). Joe knows that Marian is starting to have feelings for Shane but as Joe tells her, Marian starts crying tears and Joe is forced to comfort her. After knowing what is going on between Shane and Marian Joe does not get mad at Shane and Marian but tries to comfort Marian which in turn brings her even closer to him. This clearly states

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