Can Organisational Culture Be Changed?

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Question: Can Organisational Culture be changed?

Management within an organisation has the ability to re-shape, re-engineer, re-organise and change their organisation and organisational culture, the majority of organisation’s today, have the ability to change their culture, however, at the same time, it is a very difficult and demanding task. This is where the four main functions of managing come into play; planning, controlling, leading and organising. Robbins at al (2009, p.94) defines organisational culture as “a system of shared values, principles, traditions and ways of doing things that influence the way organisational members act.” This essay will further look into how and if an organisation’s culture can be changed, weighed up
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Managerial actions to reduce resistance to change are listed by Robbins (2009 p.392). They include “Education and Communication, Participation, Facilitation and Support, Negotiation, Manipulation and Co-Optation, Selecting employees who accept change and Coercion.” Kurt Lewin’s force-field analysis method is a prodigious tool for analysing change techniques. According to Robbins (2009 p.391) “This method proposes that two sets of forces operate in any system – forces that operate for change (the driving forces) and forces that operate against change (the resisting forces). If the two sets of forces are equal in strength then the system is in equilibrium.” By approaching and using these techniques systematically and creating explicit links between employees’ commitment and the company’s necessary change outcome, managers dramatically improve the probability of attaining organisation change.

It is the responsibility of management to not only implement change but maintain and control it within an organisation. Organisation’s must acquire and utilize techniques to optimise their core competencies and to strengthen their organisational capability. Implementing change is just one step in the change process. Maintaining the change within an organisation is an entire separate component. Managers must lead by example and be positive role models within their
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