Can People and Organizations Become Gender and Color-Blind?

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Do you think people and organizations can ever become gender and color-blind? Why? In response to the question of whether people and organizations will become gender and or color blind, the answer is most likely no. The reason is because the differences between men and women are deeply ingrained through socialization from birth, education and experience in a world where men are considered the dominant leader of family, provision, and in society. Regardless of this being the case or not. Today there are more single parent families with women assuming the roles of child rearing disciplinarian, head of household financially, and therefore the leader in the home. These roles in the home are very similar to running a business. If the female leader is successful, they will over the period of roughly 18 years have managed to train up a new entrant(s) from total dependency (infancy) to an independent productive citizen who can then begin their journey into adulthood and contributing to society. How is it women are trusted to run a household, with the lives of helpless, defenseless children, who can not contribute one iota to their needs (clothing, food, shelter, wisdom, etc.), but not a company. When it comes to a career, men continue to dominant in the roles pertaining to running a company. Since the 1960s and before when Civil Rights began to change and revolutionize rights for women in a broader sense affecting the workplace, things have changed some but not enough.
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