Can Personality Traits Be Learnt And Developed Or Are They Solely Part Of Our Dna?

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Assessment 1 - Can personality traits be learnt and developed or are they solely part of our DNA? Throughout time several personality trait theories have argued differently. Some state that traits are inherently part of our DNA and others state that they are solely based on the context or environment. My argument aligns with Costa and McRae’s theory in that personality traits are ‘situated in a comprehensive model of genetic and environmental causes and contexts (McCrae & Costa,1994).’ Answering this question accurately can have a significant impact on the ways in which people learn, and perhaps more importantly, the processes implemented for people to modify, learn or develop certain traits. This is of a particular interest in relation to my context because I am a drama teacher. Quite often personality traits such as extraversion and risk-taking behaviour can significantly improve or hinder a students learning in the classroom. It is for this reason that I seek an answer to this question in order to provide an equal opportunity for all of my students, regardless of their DNA. In order to conclude whether or not personality traits are solely part of DNA, I must firstly define ‘personality’ and ‘personality traits’. The definition of personality that I will use is from Pervin, Cervone & John, they state that ‘Personality refers to those characteristics of the person that account for consistent patterns of feelings, thinking, and behaving (2005).’ The personality traits

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