Can Polar Ice Cap Be Prevented

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The melting of polar ice caps can be prevented. This is a serious issue. Polar ice caps melting will cause the earth to warm rapidly, because the UV light will not have anything to reflect off of and bounce back to space. Along with global warming, and the melting polar ice caps, the earth will be warmed sufficiently by 2036 if the burning of fossil fuels is not stopped, or even slowed by a small percentage. Polar ice caps are solid land masses with ice covering the whole land mass. The land mass does not have to be a certain size to qualify as a polar ice cap. Research says that a polar ice cap can be qualified as a polar ice cap if it is a solid land mass coved in ice. Ice caps here on earth are made from water, but on other planets such as Mars the ice caps consist of other things than just water. On Mars the ice caps are formed from water, ice, and carbon dioxide. They form from the elevation the ice caps have, and from the lack of radiation from the sun. The melting of polar ice caps can be prevented by reducing the amounts of greenhouse gasses that are pumped into the environment daily, and that means that we need to slow the burning and consumption of our fossil fuels. The United States cannot stop this alone, so countries need to work together and help prevent the…show more content…
People know that the global warming isn’t good for the earth, but they don’t know how big of an effect it has on the earth. Some ways that the average person could help is by traveling on public transportation, or carpooling with a friend or family member to reduce the gas emissions that vehicles produce. The earth is already gone past a point that the human population needs to take action, but not so much that there is no going back. We can still change the rate that the ice caps melt, if we start
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