Can Psychology Solved Explain Sexual Violence?

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This essay aims to answer the question “can psychology satisfactorily explain sexual violence?” However, as this is such a broad area of research, it will focus on domestic rape and sexual violence.
The reasoning behind this focus is the media’s portrayal of strangers being the most common perpetrators of sexual violence (Gamble, 2016), despite findings contrary to this by the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW). Across 2009/10, 2010/11, and 2011/12 approximately 90% of serious sexual assault victim reported to know their attacker (Home Office, 2013). Supporting research by (Basile, et al., 2007) found that an intimate partner was the attacker in approximately 30% of rape cases. Furthermore, statistics from the CSEW show that intimate partners committed 46% of serious sexual assault against females aged 16-59 (Home Office, 2014).
The main theoretical explanations explored here are; Biological Theories, Feminist Theories, and Multidimensional Theories, which attempt to bring both micro and macro-level explanations together to form an explanation (McMahon, 2013).
A Brief History of Domestic Rape and Sexual Violence Up until the 1970s, domestic sexual violence (including rape) was seen as a private issue that happened behind closed doors when Erin Pizzey campaigned vehemently for acknowledgement of this issue (Pizzey, 2011). Despite her recognition of gender symmetry in this area, her research focused solely on male-female abuse. Earlier social
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