Can Religion and Science be Compatible?

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Accepting the compatibility between science and religion is a tactic used by those who instinctively fear that a manifest conflict between the two areas would endanger the future of science. They are worried about the possibility that scientists would not receive any financial support or that science classes in schools might be replaced with hours of religion. A huge number of atheist scientists are aware of the negative role, that they have irrational ideas supported by the religion of the future of science. If there is an unreported truth, is that science and religion are incompatible, not in the sense that they cannot coexist in the human mind, but in the sense that there can be no consistency between the two forms of addressing reality. However, attempts to reconcile science and religion do not stop, and that is because the reconciliation never really occurs.
The way scientists perceive religion influences the way they perceive the compatibility of religion and science, shows a study published in the journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. Researchers believe that the two are always in conflict, identifying religion with the conservative side of American evangelical christianity. On the other hand, those who say that religion and science are never in conflict believe that "science is of God, God created ... and that science and religion are two separate ways of seeing reality." Most of those who have found religion…
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