Can Researchers Identify Sea Turtles Through Photo Identification?

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Article 1- Investigating the viability of photo-identification as an objective tool to study endangered sea turtle populations
1. The question that the researchers are trying to answer is whether photo-identification is a sensible practice to research endangered sea turtles. Their hypothesis was that people would be able to accurately, reliably, easily be able to distinguish individual sea turtles using natural markings. The researchers’ prediction is that if people use photo-identification then they will be able to determine individual sea turtles by matching the markings in the picture to the sea turtle.
2. For the experiment, first, an expert observer is tested on her matching abilities of the photos to tagged turtles with and
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5. I feel like photo-identification of sea turtles could completely change how sea turtles are studied now. From the results of the expert observer, after naïve observers are trained turtles can be accurately and easily identified. It would also avoid the problems of broken tags or harming the turtle but still be able to observe the turtles. This experiment will help science because photo-identification will be a stable tool to study turtle population, ecology, behavior, and conservation data.
Article 2- Recent changes in the diet composition of common minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) in Icelandic waters. – Consequence of climate change?
1. The question that the researchers are trying to answer is why the diets of minke whales changed. Their hypothesis is higher sea temperatures caused minke whales diets to change. They predict that rising water temperatures caused the preferred food source of minke whales to decrease therefore causing the minke whale’s diet to change.
2. The basic experimental design was that over 5 years researchers caught minkle whales and within 3 hours of death, analyzed the diet of the whale. They found the volume and weight of fore-stomach, verified what species the whale had eaten, and determined how frequent a species was eaten. The responding variable is the species found in the whale’s diet that year
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