Can Social Media Change Poetry?

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Modern Poetry Can social media change poetry? Social media is something that has been around for approximately less than 15 years. It became something that was used by many people with the introduction of Myspace in 2003, with other less successful social media sites preceding. For many, social media is viewed as an outlet that allows people to connect and interact faster, many times with people who aren’t easily accessible due to distance and other factors. Since the introduction of Myspace, many other social media sites have come along such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Social media sites for the majority are used to share experiences and ideas, which gave rise to visual social media sites such as YouTube, Vine, Instagram video and many more. One thing social media has been able to do and even more so with the introduction of video social sites has allowed for many different creative art forms to be spread and experienced by many more people at an amateur level that would be a lot harder to accomplish without social media, poetry for example. The poetry of the past many times is viewed as a niche creative writing form, that either you understand it or don’t. With the introduction of video sharing, poetic obscurity could be a thing of the past, causing a movement that could dynamically change the zeitgeist of modern poetry. Poetry has utilized social media to help try to stay relevant, but also at times, poetry has been used through social media to
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