Can Solar Energy Save the World? Essay

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Global warming has taken the centre stage as a worldwide concern because of the catastrophic impact it can have on the environment and therefore even to life. The main contributor to this are the fossil fuels because of the greenhouse gases which they emit when used. With the use of fossil fuels increasing because of the increase in population questions are being raised on till when fossil fuels can be sustained. And the answer to that is not long, probably only a century, so it’s time that we look for alternative sources of energy. Presently, renewable energy is the best substitute available. My main focus is on solar energy because of its abundant availability and great potential. The sun’s energy is so much efficient that an hour of it…show more content…
The Solar Foundation's Annual Jobs Census (2012) stated that solar industry now employs 119,016 Americans across all 50 states, which has grown approximately 13% percent over last year even during difficult economic times across the nation. So solar energy also improves the economy of the nation by increasing the standard of living by providing jobs to people. People might say that solar energy is expensive and not all can afford to benefit from it. As said by the International Energy Agency, "the development of affordable, inexhaustible and clean solar energy technologies will have huge longer-term benefits. So knowing that once this technology is accepted then you can enjoy the benefits for a long time also the life of the equipment being at least 20 years. Apart from this there are several subsidies/rebates like 40% off the cost of a solar energy system by some state and city programs and businesses receive a 30% investment tax credit from the federal government as a solar incentive. Another thing people will raise against solar energy are the locational issues. Some regions receive almost negligible amount of sunlight in a day. Even though there are environmental issues solar energy can be used in these regions. This is possible as the solar energy can be stored and then used later. So in this way use of solar energy is beneficial and a better source of energy. I feel that solar energy is the field which

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