Can Stem Cells Help Heal Brain Injuries?

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Can Stem Cells Help Heal Brain Injuries?

Arfa Musaddaq
Ms. Meng Sun
Biology 30
January 7, 2016

Introduction: Brain injury is a devastating condition associated with trauma, multiple sclerosis or stroke. Successful therapy must be done to overcome this, the associated loss of neurones and supporting glial cells as complex intercellular connections. This scary challenge can be addressed using stem cells because stem cells can regenerate and repair the delicate injured tissue. If research can get this advance, then stem cells can repair brain damage and become reality.
As we all know, the brain controls everything we do, say, feel and think. It keeps us alive through circulation, breathing, digestion, hormones, and the immune system. Through the brain, we experience emotion and are able to express ourselves.
What are brain injuries? Brain injury refers to the occurrence of damage to the brain, because each injury damages a different part of the brain, every injury is unique and often described as either traumatic or acquired based. 2
What are stem cells?
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are able to differentiate into specialized cells. Stem cell research and It’s funding have caused enormous controversy over the past decade, because people believe that you are playing the role of god or are taking a life away when using stem cells. Stem cells are pluripotent cells present in all living organisms. These cells can differentiate into any type of
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