Can Students Really Improve Academic Performance by Weraing Uniforms?

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By wearing school uniforms, students can improve the learning environment. Uniforms increase the students’ belongings and school prides. School uniforms reduce undesirable behavior because they put students in the right frame of mind to learn (Portner). Uniforms can be a useful tool in improving children’s learning skills and attitudes toward school. It increases the student achievement and level of preparedness. School requires children to put on the uniforms in a reasonable way to improve learning skills, discipline, and focus (Kelly). Students can consider the uniform as their school’s physical awarded icon just for going to that particular school. Although this could create the students to discriminate the schools for which the school is better or worse, they can be proud of themselves for being a student and be motivated every day to study. Uniforms also make students to prepare to dress like a professional. Students who “learn to dress appropriately in school also can do so in a professional setting, such as offices” (Prill et al). Uniforms help students to learn how to dress appropriate clothes. Since they are wearing uniforms, they will get the ideas on how the professional places want to dress. Uniform decreases the student’s behavior problem such as attendance rates and suspension rates (Brunsma and Rockquemore). Uniforms instill discipline help students focus on their studies and eliminate pressure on parents to outfit their kids (Kelly). Academic performances

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