Can Sustainable Energy and Fossil Fuel Co-Exist

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Can Sustainable Energy and Fossil Fuel Co-Exist? In recent years, the question of America’s power source has been the topic on more than a few dinner and boardroom tables across the country. In fact, it is even talked about in the offices of governors and the POTUS. The reason why so many people are raising this question is the rise in petroleum prices and the depletion of natural resources. The rising prices of petroleum is not a new thing; It has happening for decades, but the American people have begun to realize that its dependence on foreign oil has escalated over the years along with the cost of living which brings up the question of money and how to keep more of it in pocket. The argument of finding other ways to keep cars on the road, to keep homes heated in the winter, to keep homes cooled in the summer, planes flying, etc. has made people think outside the box; the “what if” factor has been slapped on the table along with a few “can we”, and a couple “of how comes”. For the most part, a lot of the answers are not new they are old with an added twist to revive them; for example, the wind power was being used by early farmers in the 1800s, steam and solar power had been dated back to the ancient Greeks. With the help of new technologies and studies, these old energy sources are becoming more popular as time goes on. The growth of sustainable energy, which includes Solar, Wind, Biomass, Biogas, and Geothermal, has become a major factor in the business of supplying
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