Can Teflon Cause Cancer? : Facts & Myths Essay examples

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For some years now there has been quite a bit of controversy as to whether the non-stick Teflon coating on pots and pans is actually harmful to humans. However, more recent there has even been rumor that this marvelous invention that every kitchen maid loves, may actually cause cancer. So how much of this is fact, and how much is just myth?

First of all, it may be prudent to explain exactly what Teflon is. Teflon, is the registered trademark of a man-made chemical known as polytetrafluorothylene (PTFE), and has been in commercial use since the mid-1940s.

As far as man-made chemicals go, Teflon is an extremely resilient, almost frictionless, non-stick surface that is not only used within the cook-wear industry, but also the fabric
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Well, when for example a Teflon coated pan is heated to 500 degrees of more, a certain amount of PFOA that remains in the surface coating gets released into the air via the smoke and gasses, and inhaled. Although, to reach a degree of 500 or more would usually be when the pan gets forgotten and left on the hot plate to overheat.

If most American have a low level of PFOA in their blood, it cannot be harmful!

This depends, as lab studies on animals have found that exposure to PFOA does actually increase the risk of tumors of the liver, mammary glands, pancreas, and testicles. Although, there is still no certainty as to how PFOA actually causes these tumors, and if the chemical would actually react in the same way in the human body.

However, studies that have taken place on humans, as of this moment only show that where over exposure to the chemical (usually only in the workplace) has occurred, a higher risk of bladder, kidney, and testicular cancer have been found.

So where does this leave the household user of Teflon?

It would probably be wise to say, that in normal use, Teflon is quite safe to use, and the risks of developing cancer through its use would be quite remote. However, this being said and done, careless use of the product would almost certainly raise a degree of concern as to the possibility of this remoteness becoming certain danger.

As with most products, when used with a certain degree of diligence, and in accordance with the
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