Can There Ever Be A Just War On Terror?

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Can there ever be a just war on terror A Just War is a war which is fought, however, conducted under certain rules and regulations; these were created by Thomas Aquinas and Francisco de Vitoria. (Anon,[n.d]a), This theory is used as a means of showing those who are going to war, excluding those which classify under the regulations, that going to war is wrong and were deemed immoral. The intentions which were used to forward this process were to encourage the other states that there are other means of resolving conflict and to prevent war. The conditions of a Just War are that the choice of engaging in war is the last option and the probability of success is to be weighed. The war must be fought by a recognised legal authority, (the…show more content…
Also the appropriate authority must be the persons who have declared war and ensured that this call was done on the basis of last resort, after trying to attempt all other methods which could assist in resolving the conflict. The second principle which is of the just war theory is Jus in Bello. (Anon,[n.d]b), These are rules and guidelines which explain some steps that the state must adhere to whilst in the conflict. In order to follow this principle, the states must follow proportionality and discrimination during the conflict. Those who are in fighting in the conflict must not use excessive force, only the force which is needed to achieve the necessary outcome. It is also important for them to be careful and precise when identifying any enemy combatants, and always ensuring they avoid civilians at all costs including illegitimate targets which could potentially cause destruction and violation on their individual rights. (Anon,[n.d]b), There is evidence that wars have been fought in the past and these rules and guidelines have been met. Using World War Two (1939-1945) for this example, it can be shown that this was a Just War. World War Two was fought by Germany and the Allied Countries legal authorities (Filipini, 2003). The rule, in regards to ‘…correcting evil’ was followed another means to this war was to correct the evil Hitler was doing in Germany and with the Nazis. The allied countries weighed up their probability of
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