Can This Marriage Be Saved?

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Can This Marriage Be Saved - Answers You Need to Hear
By Catherine R King | Submitted On February 22, 2014

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Expert Author Catherine R King
Divorce happens, this we know. About half of all marriages will end because of "irreconcilable differences", and that is a well known statistic that we dread. Sometimes it may feel hopeless, as you try to ignore your suspicions but only face one disappointment after another. Maybe it seems as if your partner is unwilling to work with you. It feels like you 're battling the inevitable. "Can this marriage be saved" is certainly the resounding thought in your mind.

How It Used to Work Back in the Old Days

You want things the way they used to be, that is quite understandable. Like most of us, you probably heard your parents or grandparents say, "Till death do us part." Back in the day, people tried harder to stay together. Today social norms have changed; there are more divorces in the modern age than there ever were in previous decades.

It 's not a question of "can this marriage be saved"; anything could be forced to work. It 's "should it be saved"? Relationships that involve physical violence or emotional
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