Can Uniforms Help Students Become Peaceful Equals? Essay

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If students were forced to wear uniforms, would self-expression be taken away or would students suddenly become peaceful equals? The clothes students wear today in schools are a form of self-expression. Other ways students are able to express themselves include the way they fix their hair or the accessories incorporated in their outfits. Parents often believe the introduction of school uniforms would take away from the students’ right of self-expression. While some debate that school uniforms take away a student’s individuality, all need to realize school uniforms are required for very valid reasons.
Requiring school uniforms could lower the rate of students being bullied. Many bullies taunt kids based on the way they express themselves through their clothes. If students were required to wear school uniforms, everyone would be wearing the same clothing; therefore, bullies will not feel the desire to taunt kids as much. If the students look the same, there is no reason for other kids to point and tease. Some argue that the requirement of school uniforms would not stop kids from being bullied for other reasons. Although that argument is strong, the requirement of school uniforms only lowers the rate of students being bullied. If students are continuously being bullied for other reasons, extreme measures can be taken. For the students being bullied because of self-expression, requiring school uniforms could help give them a sense of protection.
Another argument for uniforms…