Can We Americans Switch From Non Renewable Diesel Fuel

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Can we Americans switch from non-renewable diesel fuel, to renewable biodiesel? I believe this switch is vital to our future. With gasoline prices volatile and the Obama administration committed to easing the United States ' addiction to oil, many Americans seem to be taking more interest in pursuing alternative fuels. These alternative fuels include those derived from farm crops and other renewable organic sources. Among the most widely available are biodiesel and vegetable oil, both of which can be used to power a diesel engine. Making this switch would greatly lessen our dependence on imported oil, in addition to bolstering national security and reducing our trade deficit. Other benefits of biodiesel include a boost to the U.S.…show more content…
Since it is of plant origin it does not have sulfur. Diesel fuel has a considerable amount of sulfur in it and it gets converted to sulfur dioxide which is very harmful to the atmosphere and can cause acid rains and also lung problems for all americans. Since biodiesel is ultimately derived from animals or plants, it is renewable, unlike fossil fuels. The fact that it can be homegrown also could lessen dependence on foreign oil and support local farmers. A major source of controversy when it comes to biodiesel and other biofuels such as ethanol is what ingredient are used to make the fuel. When oils from crops are used, a number of problems can arise. For instance, biodiesel and other biofuels are often touted as environmentally friendly since they are typically made from plants, which suck the global warming gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to grow. However, the land may be damaged in order to grow these crops as demand for biofuels grow for example, in Indonesia, biodiesel may be causing deforestation, as native forests are destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. The chemicals from agricultural fertilizers and pesticides may also upset ecosystems. Another complex issue that is raised when crops are used to make biofuel is whether that has or will drive up food prices. Instead of using new oil from crops, recycled oil
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