Can We Have A Single Leader?

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1. This group does not seem to have a single leader; instead, all members provide leadership more or less equally through several different constructive communication types. Pat offers leadership through primarily task communication; she clarifies members’ understanding and critically evaluates ideas (Wood, 2014, 235-236). Twice she critically evaluates ideas when she asks, “Can’t art be educational?” and when she explains that something can be of interest to students who are not part of specific groups (Wood, 2014, 242). She clarifies ideas when she states, “Okay, so we want to say that we don’t want to distribute funds to any hokey groups, right?” (Wood, 2014, 242) This could also be seen as climate communication, as she makes a joke to keep the mood positive. She also exhibits procedural communication in one instance by establishing an agenda when she states, “Let’s set up criteria first and then review the applications against those.” (Wood, 2014, 235, 241) Thomas mainly offers leadership with task communication, but his is somewhat different from Pat’s. Similar to Pat, he clarifies ideas when checks that everyone agrees that the twenty percent can include students who are not in a group applying for funding (Wood, 2014, 242). However, he offers information when he passes out the copies of the criteria used by last year’s committee and when he tells the group what the committee considered educational. Thomas also offers his own ideas when he states his opinion about
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