Can We Live Without Technology?

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Could We Live Without Technology? “WE live in a technological universe in which we are always communicating. And yet we have sacrificed conversation for mere connection” (Turkle, “The Flight from Conversation” par. 1). In today’s society we all rely on the use of technology, because it is everywhere around us. We as people are losing common social skills because of the use of smart phones, texting, and the Internet. We rely on smart phones to tell other people plans. We text instead of having a meeting. We also use the Internet instead of asking a professional. It has become an inconvenience to actually have a casual conversation with someone. Why do we rely on a hunk of metal, wires, and plastic to help us live our lives? We all love our cell phones. Maybe even a little too much. There is rarely ever a time of day when someone does not have their phone on them. People are constantly playing games, taking selfies, posting, liking, and sharing all thorough their cell phones. People are always looking down at their cell phones, and missing everything around them. Turkle tells us about a common business man, “He does not stop by to talk; he doesn’t call. He says that he doesn’t want to interrupt them. He says they’re “too busy on their e-mail.”” (“The Flight from Conversation” par. 6). The business man then proceeds to tell Turkle that in reality it is him who does not want to talk, and would rather be involved with his “Blackberry” (“The Flight from Conversation” par. 6).
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