Essay on Can We Live in a Just World?

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What is justice? Can we live in a just world? I don’t really know the answer to these questions because justice is a very complex matter with an extremely broad spectrum. Sadly, we live in an existence where righteousness has by no means truly transpired. Justice is something

that everyone is entitled to and should be an essential part of any lawful system. With this

statement comes numerous questions such as, Are all laws just laws? Is the legal system just?

Can there be justice for all? And Can there be equality for all people? According to Webster’s

dictionary justice is” The maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the

impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of
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Throughout The Republic, there are many different views given from the greatest

philosophers of all time Plato, Aristotle, Cicero & Aquinas expressing what they believe the true

meaning of justice is.

Plato’s version of justice is very different from what modern day political thinkers view

justice to be in our society. Plato articulated that "justice consists of a well-ordered soul: the

intellect must rule and keep the appetites in check. The only proper way to live is in moderation,

because moderation is the only route to happiness" (Davis-Judd, 5). This is rather unlike the

modern day perception of justice, being someone who treats people fairly.

Plato’s interpretation ties in with his image of an ideal world. Plato’s society would be

extremely knowledgeable and citizens would perform jobs suited to their individual status in

society. Thus, Plato held that division of functions and specialization of labor were the keys to

establishing a worthwhile society. Justice in the individual was parallel to justice inside the city.

Therefore in Plato's world, justice was obtained by three parts of society all satisfying their

responsibility and displaying the same three virtues of wisdom, courage and moderation. This

would ensure harmony between the parts, the best possible recipe, both inside the city and within

the soul. Unfortunately Plato's interpretation could never work in our world of modern

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