Essay Can We Protect Ourselves On the Internet?

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Can We Protect Ourselves On the Internet?       Although the Internet is a wonderful place to shop, explore and interact with other people we should always keep our guard up to protect our privacy. Privacy on the Internet is very important to anyone who uses the Internet and even for someone who has never been on line before. Most people do not realize how important Internet is in everyday life. Within most of our lifetimes the Internet has grown from an obscure military project to the greatest revolution since the Industrial Revolution. Computers have gone from machines that took up large rooms to be involved in almost every aspect of our daily lives, from the coffeepot the brews our coffee in the morning, to the…show more content…
An ISP number is the number that an Internet service provider assigns us every time we log onto their server. The technique for taking over and ISP number is complicated but anyone that can download a program from one of more than 30,000 hacker web sites can obtain an ISP number, user name and password (Noack). Once a hacker has an ISP number he is able to surf the web anonymously. Being anonymous on the web allows the hacker to commit criminal acts, such as hacker in other sites or launching viruses, without being detected (Noack).       Hackers are not the only ones who illegally take our personal information while we are on the web. Large respectable companies sometimes indulge in this practice. RealNetworks a software company that distributes a music player for our computers has recently been caught stealing personal information about our music listening habits. The popular RealPlayer software that they distribute sends information back to the company, when we long onto the Internet, without our knowledge (Smith). A company's even sell e-mail addresses to other companies, this is how we get some of our unsolicited e-mail known as spam (Federal Trade Commission).       Congress is trying to keep up with the growing technology but with the pace of technology this is a difficult chore. Congress has passed a couple of important laws to help protect us. Probably the most important one is the

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