Can We Trust Statistics?

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Student Name: Abu Tallawally Module Code: ACE2476 Module Title: Research Methods Assignment Title: Can we trust statistics? Assignment no: 1 Introduction Statistics is an important technique of information process, and the number is as good as the information put into them. Statistics help us to tell the story of what is going on in our world today through data transformation into information. Envisage the world without statistic; countries were going to struggle to solve some challenging problems. In fact, statistics give us the perspective of the world we live in today than we cannot get in any other ways. However, living according to statistics can be a bit daunting because it is significant and dangerous as well as depending on the circumstances of investigation. Interestingly, statistician somehow lies with number not that they miscalculate the figure but somewhat include misleading figures to come out with desirable research outcome, just like what Greece did in 2006 to fake the statistic to allow Brussel believe in their statistic. Accordingly, this essay intends to address the instrument of both trust and distrust within statistics with regard to public confidence. Why we should trust statistics? Before the industrial revolution the world was wreck by extreme poverty, people around the world lack basic infrastructure facilities like electricity, health services and education. Because of this, governments were unable to eradicate state problems due to lack of
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