Can We Win The War Against Superbug Antibiotic Resistance?

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Research Project: Can We Win the War Against Superbug Antibiotic Resistance? Recently, numerous varieties of bacteria causing especially difficult-to-remedy infections have risen to prominence in not only the general community, but also, and more noteworthily, in various healthcare facilities. These bacteria, also known as “superbugs”, are all characterized by not only their potential to cause severe, demonstrably lethal disease, with tens of thousands of the more than two million people in the United States developing infections characterized by drug/antibiotic resistance dying from them annually (Maron, 2013), but also their methods of evolution, namely all manifestations of a process known as horizontal transfer. Their strength mainly results from natural selection, coupled with antibiotic resistance, which in turn is obtained from misuse of the antimicrobial medicine. Additionally, the government is currently not regulating the usage or prescription of antibiotics, and is not expressing nearly the same concern towards this public health matter than towards such diseases as cancer or AIDS, which may eventually be curable through improved medical technology, cannot evolve to become more untreatable as with the superbugs, and do not necessarily come about as a direct result of medicinal abuse. Indeed, the situation is urgent, with the CDC-described “nightmare” bacteria rapidly pervading the entirety of the world ever since half of a century prior. The government

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