Can Weapons Of Mass Destruction Be Justified?

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Can Weapons of Mass Destruction be justified? Weapons of mass destruction are ‘weapons that can devastate large areas and kill huge numbers of people’. There are 3 types of WMD’s; Nuclear Weapons, Biological Weapons and Chemical Weapons. In the world there are only 8 counties that own nuclear weapons and these include USA, Russia, UK, China, France, India and Pakistan and unofficially Israel. In this essay I will be looking at whether or not Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) can be justified, we can link this to the just war theory. I will also be looking at the 1945 Atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima and whether or not it can be justified. WMD’s can be justified WMD’s can be justified as they can stop a greater evil therefore meeting part of the criteria for a Just War. If they are stopping a greater evil then they can be seen as justifiable as destruction can possibly be reconciled quicker than a greater evil that could carry on for years. The possession of WMD’s themselves can be useful, the MAD theory (mutually assured destruction), if one country owns WMD’s then it’s unlikely another country is going to attack them, in the long run the possession of WMD’s could eradicate war, as there is a mutuality. Democratic countries can justify their WMD’s as they make their countries the ‘police’ of WMD’s and therefore shows their authority and power. Democratic countries that possess the nuclear weapons can make the world safer, again because of the MAD theory. Countries

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