Can Witnessing or Experiencing Domestic Violence Be Linked to Bullying in Adolescents?

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Being in a domestic violence ordeal of my own and have been bullied almost all of my life, I have come to ask myself why anyone can abuse someone that they say they love or how bullies can hurt people like they do. Whether physically, emotionally, or mentally this happens all the time now-a-days in our society. Numerous news reports about couples getting into fights or even killing a significant other or spouse and how children have committed suicide because they can’t take the hurt of a bully any longer. It is so sad to think about and I cannot put into words how my heart weeps for those people! It’s sickening for me to even think about. But to understand the people behind these instances we have to look at what each of these things are.…show more content…
For girls being a victim of a violent crime was an over 10-fold risk factor for being a bully-victim.” Also, “Girls were more likely to be bullies than boys,” after witnessing a violent crime such as domestic violence. To wrap the results up, “Being a victim of a violent crime outside home and physical abuse by parents at home, girls were significantly more often bully-victims than boys.” (Mustanja, Luukkonen, Hakko, Rasanen, Saavala, Riala 495) As you can most likely see, due to the studies given outcome, domestic violence can clearly be linked to being a bully, being victimized by one, or being both a bully and being bullied. Nonetheless, are there any more causes that can be linked to bullying that can be included to domestic violence? How does one not learn to not be abusive in the future when he or she gets to understand the moral understanding of making right and wrong decisions? There are a lot of reason why children, adolescents, and even adults become abusers. Not just domestic violence, although that is a very good indication of why these human beings are the way they are. Could you imagine growing up in an environment like that? Witnessing and the exposure to having your parents, siblings, or any other family member being cussed at, smacked around, or broken emotionally down at such a young age

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