Can Women Detectives Have It All?

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Can Women Detectives Have It All? Examining the lives of women detective’s outsiders will begin to see they do not live no average life of a female. Women detectives encounter multiple situations on the job that makes them unable to “have it all”. Men typically downplay females thinking they are unable to be detectives as well. Whether a female is a private detective, a private investigator or a sergeant their life changes dramatically. Women that decide to be detectives cannot do what other females do because their jobs require a different amount of work and attention. Even though female detectives come from totally different lifestyles, every woman detective encounters situations that are similar. In the novel Indemnity Only and the…show more content…
Instead of giving up her grandson Catherine gave up her marriage. Both women made it clear that they do not need a male in their life because it does not work out. They do not have enough spare time to consider spending time with other people and worrying about their feelings. Not only, but also women detectives do not have children of their own. Women detectives that do have children of their own are seen weaker when it comes to the role of being a detective. Having children and being a detective or an investigator as a female makes women seem less of an employee, whereas if they did not have children to come home to every night. Females with children are known for being at home most of the time, having a part time job, and being able to tend and care for their children on the regular. Warshawski did not have any children of her own to look after in her life. The only person she needed to take care of and focus on was herself. Whereas for Catherine, she had children of her own. Catherine mentioned in the beginning of the first episode “I’m forty-seven, I’m divorced, I live with my sister – who’s a recovering heroin addict – I have two grown-up children. One dead and one who doesn’t speak to me. And a grandson! So” (Catherine). Catherine confessed that she does have children, but neither one of them are in her life physically except for her grandson
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