Can Women Have It All?

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Can Women Have it All? The heated question ensues: can women have it all? In every generation, this kudzu debate is rehashed with renewed fervency. It started centuries back (some would suggest thousands of years ago) and will continue countless more years. However, society is asking the wrong question. Asking this “distills a complex combination of social, economic, and personal factors into a basic yes or no question...Deeper analysis is required… (Davis-Laack, P., J.D.,M.A.P.P.,2014). The real issue to ponder is what is that “all” women want? In the past, sociologist studied family and work as two separate spheres, their propinquity as negligible. Feminists scholars, however, contend the correlation between family and work (outside the…show more content…
Moreover, they also may find that having “choice” requires sensemaking in ways that women of lower classes who must engage in paid work for financial reasons or who must rely on familial or subsidized child care do not face” (Buzzanell, Meisenbach, Remke, Liu, Bowers, & Conn, 2005). Studies have shown that though many husbands have helped fill domestic gaps in the home and with child care, there is still a common expectation that women should continue to fulfill their traditional role as mother and housekeeper as well as stay abreast in the labor force. “Most domestic work was seen as a woman 's responsibility. The Work and Family Report (2002) of the International Labour Office and the Ministry for Labour and Industrial Relations highlighted the fact that although on paper, many male respondents see some household tasks as a dual responsibility, in reality relatively few women say that this attitude translated into action on the part of their spouse (Bhowon, Ngtseung, Kaajal, 2008). While women have increased their employment activity, men typically have not increased their participation in home care. This creates tremendous strain on the working women, causing a loss in overall satisfaction. Succinctly, when a woman decides to work, referring to re-entry into the workforce,
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