Can Women Thrive Within A Male Dominated Society?

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Can Women Thrive In A Male Dominated Society? Gender equality is not yet a reality. Not only is it not a reality, but it never will be, so long as the misogynistic views of old-time Americans stay prevalent. Hostility toward women in positions of high power remains present in society regardless of what women try to do to advance. Surely, it has been proven that women have accelerated far beyond what was expected of them a hundred years ago. However, women have been characterized as “overly-emotional”, “sensitive”, and “weak”, therefore inhibiting their improvement socially and professionally. These oppressive opinions must adapt to the modern image women have worked so hard to obtain. Women are strong leaders. Females are over fifty percent of the voters as well as over fifty percent of the population, and have been brainwashed with the misconception that their voices do not matter. The disparity between the respect society shows men and the respect they show women must be closed immediately. Historically, women have been treated inequitably in all facets of life. Every American is aware of the basic rights women have been forced to fight for since the Women’s Rights Movement: equal opportunity to vote, the ability to work and receive quality education, and the control of their own bodies. Thankfully, the banding together of women has proved to be intensely effective. For example, the creation of the National Organization for Women (NOW) has allowed women a greater taste
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