Can You Ever Faced A Barrier Or An Obstacle?

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Have you ever faced a barrier or an obstacle? Has the barrier ever been something good? This rarely happens, but it occurred in my life. I had to make a life changing decision that could actually make my life better! In 2011, I skipped a grade and went from third grade to fourth grade after only three months. I was extremely scared and nervous. I did not know what to do. I wondered if my friends would be upset or angry at me for leaving them behind. I felt frightened at the thought of people being jealous of me and bullying me. I thought people would call me names or give me dirty looks if I skipped third grade. More importantly, I thought my brother or my cousins would be upset. I was plain scared! On the other hand, if I skipped a grade, I would be looked up to. People would at least know who I was. My family would be so proud of me. I had not even thought about the perks of being in fourth grade! There were so many more things I would learn, and at such a young age! There were pros and cons, but there was also a beginning, and perhaps I should start there.
In around the end of October, I got a prescription for a medicine. I had to take the medicine for a week. The medication did not allow for me to go outside, so I had to give a note to my teacher, requesting to stay in the classroom during recess. My teacher’s name was Mrs. McGovern and she let me stay inside the empty classroom for recess. I did not have anything to do, so I decided to take some scrap paper and write
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